The Holy Diocese of Thebes and Levadia established in 1973 the “Agios Vlasios” Nursing Home in Livadeia city to cover the needs of elder persons. In 1989 the Nursing Home was renamed as Chronical Diseases Infirmary “Agios Vlasios” and moved in 1992 to new modern facilities in the city of Livadia. In 2004 the institution moved to today’s contemporary and modern facilities in Tzimeika Livadia.

In November of 2007 a small church dedicated to St. Nicodemus was founded close to the infirmary.


Agios Vlasios

The modern facilities of the “Agios Vlasios” Chronical Diseases Infirmary, have been divided into three floors: a) the ground floor – where is possible to find the kitchen and b) the first and the second floors – where is possible to find the infirmary offices, the living rooms, the elder rooms with private WC, the common bathrooms, the laundry room, the visitors room, the director’s office and the doctor office.

The infirmary works 24 hours a day, having a full team of nurses, cooks, caring assistants, social workers and doctors. The staff is qualified to treat the elders with quality and comfort, providing the satisfaction of all their needs in a friendly and family environment.

The Infirmary also hosts an Volunteering Project (European Volunteer Service – EVS), having several European volunteers helping with the care and promoting social-animation activities.

Visiting time in the Infirmary follows this schedule:

Morning 8:30 – 13:00 (except Monday & Thursday)

Afternoon 17:00 – 21:00.

Quality Certificates

The “Agios Vlasios” Chronical Diseases Infirmary, has a licence from the Greek Government to provide high quality standard nursing services to the community.

For inquiries related to the quality certificates,contact the Director of the Infirmary through the contact page.


The goal of this infirmary is to empower the patients and to provide a quality space, ensuring comfort, safety and peace of mind. It provides nursing and care services, promotes the interpersonal relationships and the well-being.

It also promotes active aging, full of love and affection, by the implementation of social cultural activities, that have the aim to prevent and to alleviate the mental and physical changes that patients face.


The “Agios Vlasios” Chronical Diseases Infirmary, has a high standard multidisciplinary team that offers assistance in this areas:

  • Promotion of daily care needs;
  • Active Aging;
  • Prevention of chronical diseases;
  • Diagnosis (provided by the doctor);
  • Treatment and medication;
  • Rehabilitation and prevention;
  • Surgical Recovery;
  • Social Animation, Cultural and Artistic Activities.